Saturday, October 24, 2009

Aww, shaddup!

Just online signed my name to a Democratic Governors Association petition that seeks to repudiate the ill-conceived verbiage utilized by the National Republican Party in response to President Barack Obama's attempts at attaining peace. Following is the commentary I contributed to the online petition:

When the National Republican Party "appointed" as its spokesman the prejudice-purger Rush Limbaugh it sealed its own fate.

As literally non-partisan (not a "Liberal"), I am not in any way affiliated with either the Democratic Party or the Democratic Governors Association.

However, in this instance, I agree with the DGA's stance, and wanted to add my written voice to its message to the public.

Did President Barack Obama "deserve" this year's Nobel Peace Prize? Tough call. But if you view it as an incentive to a man who purports to be a peacemaker, rather than, as is his predecessor, George W. Bush, a warmonger, then it all adds up.

As a journalist I am an adamant proponent of the First Amendment—ie, freedom of speech—so would not seek to silence the rude Republicans who speak ill of arguably the most powerful man in the world, our commander-in-chief.

If y'all dislike the current GOP message, simply tune it out.

That way y'all will share a benefit Limbaugh has: he is unable to hear his own bullshit.

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